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Location [Legend]CityDesignsImagesUpdated
Green Island gift shop
951 Main Street
Green Island, Taitung County, Lvdao Township3t 06/24/18
Homeland Of Sea
Across from Cijin Ferry Terminal Pier 2
Kaohsiung4t 11/30/20
Fongyi Academy
No. 62, Fengming St,
Kaohsiung - Fengshan District3t 10/13/16
Kaohsiung Shou Shan Zoo
No.350, Wanshou Rd.,
Kaohsiung City - Gushan District4t 11/30/20
Dragon and Tiger Pagodas
No.9, Liantan Road
Kaohsiung City - Zouying District4p 12/21/19
The Lin Family Mansion and Garden
No.9, Ximen Street,
New Taipei City - Banqiao District4t 11/30/20
Fort San Domingo
No.1, Lane 28, Zhongzheng Rd.,
New Taipei City - Danshui District 4t 11/30/20
Jingtong Railway Station
New Taipei City - Pingxi District7t 11/16/19
Shifen Waterfall
226, New Taipei City,
New Taipei City - Pingxi District4t 12/13/18
Jiufen Old Street Square
Shuqi Road
New Taipei City - Ruifang District8t 11/18/19
New Taipei City Gold Museum
No. 8, Jinguang Road,
New Taipei City - Ruifang District8t 12/09/19
Souvenir Shop (opposite of Fufa Shoes Store)
No. 9, Shuqi Road,
New Taipei City - Ruifang District4t 11/17/19
Jiufen old street entrance
Jishan Street
New Taipei City - Ruifang District, 6t 11/17/19
Shenkeng Old Street
No. 47, Shenkeng Street
New Taipei City - Shenkeng District4t 11/17/19
Tourist Shop on Huanhe Road
Huanhe Road
New Taipei City - Tamsui District8t 08/18/16
Taipei Astronomical Museum
No.363, Jihe Rd.,
Shilin, Taipei12t 11/30/20
Chikan Tower
No.212, Sec. 2, Minzu Rd.,
Tainan - West Central District4t 03/22/15
Fort Zeelandia
No. 82, Guosheng Rd,
Tainan City - Anping District,3t 03/31/18
National Chiang Kai-shek Cultural Center
10048 Chung-Shan South Road
Taipei4t 11/30/20
Shilin Night Market
Taipei 4t 08/13/18
Taipei Zoo
30 Sec.2 Hsin Kuang Road
Taipei31t 12/11/19
Yongkang street market
6 Yongkang street
Taipei4t 10/24/16
Taipei 101
No.45, Shifu Rd.,
Taipei - Xinyi Distrct12t 07/01/17
Chisang Mr. Brown Avenue
958, Taiwan, Chishang Township,
Taitung County - Taitung City4t 11/16/19
Erkam Village
Xiyu Island12t 04/24/19
Jiaoxi Hot Springs Park
No. 60
Yilan County - Jiaoxi Township8t 11/15/19
Lanyang Museum
Lanyang Museum, No. 750, Section 3, Qingyun Road,
Yilan County - Toucheng Township3t 11/18/19
Yilan Station Gift and Book Store
260, Section 1, Yixing Road
Yilan County - Yilan City4t 11/15/19