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Location [Legend]CityDesignsImagesUpdated
Israel Air Force Museum
Beer Sheva Gone08/13/11
Caesarea Old Amphitheater
Underwater Observatory Marine Park
Eilat3p 08/13/11
En Gedi National Park
Route 90
En Gedi3p 05/20/16
Israel’s Settlers
Gush KatifGone08/13/11
Baptismal Site on the Jordan River - Qasr al-Yahud
Take road 1 east to the junction with the Jericho detour road (road 90)
Jericho3t 09/08/19
Bloomfield Science Museum
Hebrew University, Givat Ram
Jerusalem Gone05/10/13
Bnei Akiva Youth Movement
Davidson Center
Temple Mount Excavations
Jerusalem Gone03/28/16
Ezra Youth Movement
Jerusalem - Old City
Jewish Quarters, Old Town
Gan Israel ("Garden of Israel")
Kfar Chabad3p 05/14/13
Israel Armored Forces Museum
Mini Isarel
road 424 near Latrun
Latrun3t 11/09/13
road no. 66, about 2 km west of the Megiddo junction
Megiddo3t 09/07/19
Levi's Gift World of the Old City
Tiferet Yiesrael Jewish Ouarter
Old City JerusalemGone08/13/11
Safari Ramat Gan
Ramat Gan3t 11/01/13
Israel Music Festival
Safed & Arad,Gone08/13/11
King Solomon's Mines \ Timna
Timna3p 12/13/14