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Location [Legend]CityDesignsImagesUpdated
Chamorro Village ( I Sengsong )
169 West Marine Dr. ( Route 1 South, next to Chief Quipuha Park )
Agana, Mariana IslandsMoved10/09/20
Che'lu ... It's about friendship
Building 163 and 164 Chamorrow Village
Agana, Mariana Islands1p 09/20/22
Coconut Villa Gift Shop
Unit 36 Chamorro Village, P. O. Box 4585
Agana, Mariana IslandsGone08/18/23
Agana Shopping Center
Hagatna, Mariana IslandsGone10/09/20
Jeff's Pirate Cove
111 South Chalan Antigo
Ipan/Talofofo, Mariana IslandsGone04/17/18
Stanlees's Liquor Store
San Vitores Road Tumon
Tumon Bay, Mariana IslandsMoved10/09/20
Two Lovers Point
Tumon Bay, Mariana IslandsGone01/09/21
Underwater World
1245 Pale San Vitores Rd. (Across from DFS Galleria)
Tumon Bay, Mariana Islands 06/09/24
Western Frontier Village
1245 Pale San Vitores Road
Tumon Bay, Mariana IslandsGone01/09/21