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Copper Canyon Trading (Was Coyote Kid Trading Co) Machine Locations > Arizona

212 West Route 66
Williams, AZ , 86046

Phone: 928-635-4310


This 4-design machine is in this store. It is across the street at Colors of the West, a sister company and that is the reason for the backstamp on the four designs

This is a manual hand crak Penny-press Machine in a see through acrylic box. Rear is "Colors of the West 928-635-9559". The designs are:
1) Horizontal Grand Canyon over the top with Arizona at the bottom. A picture of the Grand Canyon in the middle.
2) Vertical smash with the Route 66 shield in the middle, Shield has Historic Route 66 on it and then Williams, AZ is at the bottom.
3) Vertical smash with Giant Saguaro Cactus written over the top and Arizona at the bottom. A picture of a Saguaro Cactus in the middle.
4) Horizontal smash with Get Your Kicks at the top and "On Route 66" at the bottom with the Historic Route 66 shield in the middle.

The store also sells two pre-pressed cents for .99 cents each, One has the story of Route 66 and the other has the Lord's prayer, ask the clerk where you can find them in the store.

5/2/19. - machine pressed a wee bit short on a few designs- missing some of the beading. Otherwise pressed okln coppers. PK. TEC #4913

Machine 1

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