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J & R's Minimart and Deli Machine Locations > Arizona

22255 W. Old Hwy. 66
Seligman, AZ

New machine find!!! It's on Historic Route 66, toward the east end of town. Its a four piosition hand crank machine.

Machine 1:
1) 'Arizona', Cactus,
2) 'The Mother Road, Seligman, Arizona', Old car with 66 sign on right,
3) 'Route US 66, Seligman, Arizona', US Route 66 sign,
4) 'Get Your Kicks, Route US 66, Seligman, Arizona', US Route 66 sign,

Machine 2 designs are:
1) 'Seligman, Arizona', Motorcycle,
2) 'Route US 66, Seligman, Arizona', 66 sign in bottom of state with line showing route,
3) 'Route US 66, Seligman, Arizona', US Route 66 sign,
4) 'Seligman, Birthplace of Route 66',

5/2/19 - both machines are out front and pressing well on coppers. PK. TEC #4913

Machine 2

Machine 1