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Children's Museum of Phoenix Machine Locations > Arizona

215 N. 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ , 85034

Phone: 6022530501


The machine is located in the lobby downstairs, before the gift shop, opposite the information counter. This location has a machine with at 4 designs. The front AND back of each penny gets stamped. The front has a design while the back lists the name of the museum & location in English and Spanish.

Designs are:
1) 'Noodle Forest', Logo,
2) 'Pedal Power', tricycle,
3) 'Think Green', sitting frog,
4) 'Pitstop', checkered flags in oval.

06/23/2018 Machine is kind of hidden. Go pass the check in counter and keep going straight until you can go no further. Do not turn into gift shop or the museum part. Machine is in great condition and presses well. LAA

Machine 1