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Historic Route 66 General Store Machine Locations > Arizona

22940 W. Old Hwy. 66
Seligman, AZ , 86337

Phone: 928-422-3549


On a visit to the Roadkill Cafe in Seligman AZ, we decided to visit the nearby Historic Route 66 General Store to see if they had any other cool Route 66 stuff. Imagine our surprise when, upon entering the store, we immediately saw a new machine directly in front of us.

There are three images available.
1) "Seligman" across the top, "Arizona" across the bottom and in the center is a box with the Route 66 shield, the word "Historic" in a banner and the words "General Store".
2) "Historic Rt 66 General Store" across the top, "Seligman, Arizona" across the bottom and a picture of a buffalo facing left and the words, "Buffalo Burger" appear in the center.
3) "The Mother Road" across the top, "Seligman, Arizona" across the bottom and the Route 66 shield, a road and a touring sedan appear in the middle.

5/2/19 - pressed quite short on coppers. Designs are still pretty faint. PK. TEC 4913

Machine 1