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Luke Air Force Base Machine Locations > Arizona

Glendale, AZ

Luke Air Force Base is located seven miles west of the central business district of Glendale, in Maricopa County. It is also about 15 miles west of Phoenix, Arizona. It is a major training base of the Air Education and Training Command (AETC), training pilots in the F-16 Fighting Falcon. It was announced that the F-35 Lightning II would replace the F-16 as the primary training aircraft at Luke.

The machine is near the front main entrance to the Base Exchange. The base exchange, where the machine is, requires a military ID to get to.

New (2015) Current dies are:
1) Cactus with 5 planes
2) Air Force Insignia
3) F-16 jet
4) F-35 jet

Retired 1 designs were: 1) 1) Cactus with 5 planes, 2) Air Force Insignia, 3) '56th Fighter Wing' 2, F-16s, 4) '56th Fighter Wing', 1 F-16

11/16/15: . The current machine is either new or the dies have been replaced with new dies. Current dies are: Die 1: Cactus with 5 planes - similar to design shown below Die 2: Air Force Insignia - similar to design shown below Die 3: 1 F-16 jet Die 4: F-35 jet.

Machine 2

Retired 1