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Grand Canyon Skywalk Machine Locations > Arizona

Grand Canyon Skywalk Visitor's Center
Grand Canyon West, AZ


The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a transparent horseshoe-shaped cantilever bridge and tourist attraction in Arizona near the Colorado River on the edge of a side canyon in the Grand Canyon West area of the main canyon. Its elevation is 4,770 feet The elevation of the Colorado River in the base of the canyon as 1,160 ft, and they show that the height of the precisely vertical drop directly under the skywalk is between 500 ft and 800 ft. It as built and is owned by the Hualapai Indian tribe, it was unveiled March 20, 2007, and opened to the general public on March 28, 2007.

Once you get to the Park ( The Hualapai Indian Nation ) $40 per person to get into the Park. This will allow you to ride the shuttle to the 3 different locations. (Hualapai Ranch, Guano Point and Eagle Point) Eagle Point is where the Skywalk is located. It cost $32.50 to walk the skywalk, but is optional. ( A Gold package is sold for $80 which includes Bus Pass, a Skywalk ticket and a Meal Voucher. Also, you are not allowed to take cameras, bags, or anything else out onto the Skywalk, so lockers are provided fee of charge. You must also cover your shoes with bags they provide. There are photographers that will take photos you can buy. Photo's start at $15 for a single photo, for $60 up to 15 photos can be purchased digitally and sent to your email address.

You can also book a trip here from Laughlin, Nevada, at the Adventure Tours Desk in Harrah's Casino. It is $199 per person, plus $20 for the Skywalk. You stop at the Skywalk, as well as the Main Gift Shop Tent, and an outdoor eating area. They also stop at a Show Business Animal Ranch, and a meal is included.

Designs were: The machine is located at Skywalk entrance. All said Grand Canyon Skywalk on the Back:
1. Grand Canyon Skywalk,
2. The Glass Bridge,
3. Walk the Sky,
4. I Did It!

2/20/15: Machine working well.

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