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Kartchner Caverns State Park Machine Locations > Arizona

P.O. Box 1849 / 2980 South Highway 90
Benson, AZ , 85602

Phone: (520) 586-CAVE (2283


The gift shop is open 10:00Am to 5:00PM daily.

New machine 3 designs. All say 'Kartchner Caverns State Park':
1) 'Ring Tail Cat'
2) 'Kubla Khan'
3) 'Big Room Formations'
4) Caver's hard hat with light

Retired 2 Designs are: 1) "Kartchner Caverns State Park@ - Throne - Room - Kubla - Khan - 58 Ft. - Tall" DESIGN: Kubla Khan cave formation. (V), 2) "Kartchner Caverns State Park@ - Cave - Bat" DESIGN: Flying bat ( actually looks like they pictured a Flying Fox bat - which isn't even found in North America...they are from Asia!!) w/ cactus & stars. (H), 3) "Kartchner Caverns State Park@ - Big - Room" DESIGN: Cave formations in the Big Room of the Cave. (V), 4) "Kartchner Caverns State Park@ - Shasta Ground Sloth" DESIGN: The extinct Giant Ground Sloth ( They found the remains of this species in these Caves ) (H)

10/14: New Pennyman machine installed here. Other machines retired. GSY 12/27/2017: Machine working fine. PAT

By exibit hall

Retired 1

Retired 2