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Meteor Crater, The Museum of Astrogeology Machine Locations > Arizona

Exit 233 East off I-40
Winslow, AZ

Phone: 800-289-5898


Meteor Crater is located about three miles south of I-40 by taking exit 233. When you get to the ticket booth ($18 a head!), ask the security guard politely about smashing pennies. The person on duty will radio "up above" to see if there is an escort available. When we were there, no one could come down, so the person "down below" radioed up our descriptions and the escort was waiting for us at the top of the stairs. The security people know about smashers and seem amused by our pursuit of our hobby, but it is cool that this business will accommodate us free of charge! We rolled both old and new pennies and all came out just fine.

There are TWO machines here. Both are hand crank models. They are well-hidden in an alcove in the hallway, but the gift shop staff knew right where they were. Admission IS required! But if you ask nicely and explain that you want the pennies, they will sometimes escort you to the machine, depending on how busy they are.

Machine 6 designs are:
1) Apollo space craft,
2) Iguana
3) Meteor
4) Route 66 sign

Machine 7 designs are:
1) Alien Head
2) Image of Meteor Crater
3) Road Map Kingman to Holbrook
4) 'Lunar Surface Training at Meteor Crater'

Retired 9/95:

Retired Designs
1) Single design: Meteor Crater retired mule penny is like the one pictured below
2) Single design: Meteor Crater retired Single sided design. Same as retired design below except nothing on the back.
3) Single design: Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona on front, map of Route 66 between Flagstaff and Holbrook
4) 4 designs: Map, Route 66 sign, Scorpion, T-Rex head,
5) 4 designs: Alien head, Apollo 13, 'Meteor Crater 50,000 Years Old', Space Shuttle lifting off

11/11/2018- Machines are working fine. PAT

Machine 6

Machine 7

Retired 4

Retired 5

Retired 1