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Out of Africa Wildlife Park Machine Locations > Arizona

4020 N Cherry Creek Rd
Camp Verde, AZ , 86322

Phone: (928) 567-2840


Up close and personal, that's what you'll get when you visit the Out of Africa Wildlife Park. You will hardly believe your eyes when a 600-pound African Lion struts his way past the yellow safari vehicle you're on the edge of your seat in. Out of Africa Wildlife Park started as a research project to see what would happen if wild animals were to co-exist among humans in the animals habitat. What started as a hypothesis turned into a beautiful 104-acre nature preservation that allows humans to interact with exotic animals from around the globe. Be sure to bring your camera because there are over 400 different animals living on the preservation. Lions, Tigers, Giraffe, Rhinoceros, Black Bear, Camel, Ostrich, Cobras, Zebra, Exotic Birds, Tortoise, Wildebeest, Jaguar, Leopards, Wolves, Hyenas and more!

All have 'Out of Africa Wildlife Park' on them. Designs are:
1) Bear sitting,
2) Giraffe,
3) Lion Head,
4) Rhino,

Token Machine 1: 4 tokens.

09/2016 (I think) There was also a token machine with 4 tokens. Not sure if that is still there.

Machine 3

Token Machine 1

Retired 1 - 2005

Retired 2 - 2005