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Bright Angel Store Machine Locations > Arizona

eastern side of the south rim of the Canyon
Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim, AZ , 86023


09/24/18: penny machine has been removed. Token machine still there.

Bright Angel Store is on the eastern side of the south rim of the Canyon>

Token Machine 1 also has a token machine. The tokens are 1.5-inch-diameter, gold-colored coins/medallions with an image on the obverse and corresponding text on the reverse.. The tokens cost 3 for $10 or $4 each (machine does not give change). Designs are:
1) The Grand Canyon,
2) Bright Angel Trail,
3) Watchtower,
4) Depiction of the Arizona state quarter

Retired 3 (2013) designs all pressed images had "Grand Canyon National Park Est. 1919" on the reverse. 1) Kokopelli pictured and "Grand Canyon National Park" (V), 2) "Grand Canyon" (H), 3) Hopi House "Grand Canyon" (H), 4) A view of the Canyon with a silhouette of a man on a Mule (H);

7/16/17: Bright Angel Store machine 3 is Out of Order.
7/25/17. Bright Angel gift shop machine 3 is broken and is not currently in the shop.

Retired 3:

Token Machine 1: 4 Tokens

Retired/ Moved 2: Uknown location/ Retired

Retired 1