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Jerome Historical Society’s Mine Museum Machine Locations > Arizona

200 Main St.
Jerome, AZ

Phone: 928-634-5381


5/17/15: Moved.

Today, when you visit Jerome and its historic buildings, you are given an opportunity to take a step back in time, feel the past and experience life as it might have been in Arizona’s rough and rugged days.
To help with your visit, the Jerome Historical Society’s Mine Museum, located on Main Street, has numerous displays depicting life in Jerome from its beginnings to its present time. Another way the Historical Society preserves the past for the present is through its large archives. With over 11,000 photos, numerous maps, newspapers and documents all filed and easily accessed with the assistance of our Archivist, researchers are welcome.

Single-die electric 1) Miner swinging axe -"JEROME", "ARIZONA" (V) no initials.

5/17/15: UPDATE: Found this machine's new location!!
Walk down to the end of the street. There is a set of stairs on the right hand side. Go down the stairs. It is in the old garage. I believe the address is 171 Main St. Its in the middle of the room on the left hand side by the ghost tour office The machine is out of order

Machine 1