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Island Gifts & Souvenirs Machine Locations > Arizona

1425 McCulloch Blvd N, Suite K
Lake Havasu City, AZ , 86403

Phone: (928) 453-6745

7/24/2011: The Machine is now at Lake Havasu Gifts, 102 English Village, Lake Havasu City. The Store is under the London Bridge next door to the Ice Cream Shop on the bottom level.
The Islands Gifts & Souvenirs Shop was in the Island Mall & Brewery, which is the next set of buildings across the Bridge from the English Village between S Capri Blvd and Lake Havasu Ave S.
You can book a Jet Boat Ride on the Colorado River to Lake Havasu City in Laughlin, Nevada, for $66 for adults. You may buy tickets at the Pioneer or Edgewater Casinos, or by calling to reserve tickets at Harrah's Casino. Trips often sell out in advance!

Their is a 2 hour boat ride which stops right outside the Island Mall and Brewery, a 2 hour layover, and another 2 hour boat ride back to Laughlin. When you come by boat, you get a 10% off meal voucher, good at 4 different Restarants at the Island Mall and Brewery. You then have to walk across the Bridge to get to the English Village. On the way back, you may see Wildlife and Petroglyphs if you're lucky!

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