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Arizona Museum of Natural History (formally: Mesa Southwest Museum) Machine Locations > Arizona

53 N. MacDonald St.
Mesa, AZ , 85201-7325

Phone: (480) 644-2230


Natural History Museum of the Southwest with exhibits ranging from dinosaurs to ancient Indian civilizations to the settlement of the West. Hands-on Adventure Center with interactive exhibits for children of all ages. Fully accessible. Gift shop, and changing exhibits.
The Museum changed names on October 1, 2007 from "Mesa Southwest Museum" to "Arizona Museum of Natural History" all three pennies now say "Arizona Museum of Natural History".

Museum closes at 5 p.m. (every day except Monday, as they're closed on Mondays)

Machine 2 is located in the gift shop next to the door off the main museum lobby. All say "Arizona Museum of Natural History".
1) "Dilophosaurus",
2) "Pteranodon",
3)"Tyrannosaurus Rex"

Retired Machine 1: All say "MESA SOUTHWEST MUSEUM". 1) "Pentaceratops", 2) "Pteranodon", 3)"Tyrannosaurus Rex"

GPS location outside main doors to museum: +33° 25' 0.30", -111° 50' 2.52"

11/08/2018- Machine is working fine. PAT

Machine 2

Retired 1