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North Rim Campground General Store, Machine Locations > Arizona

End of Highway 67
Grand Canyon National Park, North Rim, AZ , 86052

Phone: (928) 638-2611


The machine is located in the campground General Store, which is before the North Rim Lodge and Park headquarters. As you are headed south on 67, turn right at the Gas Station sign, but go straight past the gas station itself. Once at the General Store, turn right after going in the main entrance--the machine is back against the far wall (NOT at the Lodge gift shop).

Highway 67 into the North Rim remains open to public travel through mid-November, but from mid-November on, Highway 67 may close for the season on short notice due to major storms and heavy snowfall. Check with the Arizona Department of Transportation for road conditions

4 designs: all with "Grand Canyon"
1. (V) Two shoe prints with "Hike".
2. (H) A mule with saddle.
3. (H) View of the Grand Canyon.
4. (V) Kokopelli.

The Campground General Store is quite a ways (1 to 2 miles) from the cabins near the North Rim Lodge (where I stayed). However, if you ask, you can catch a ride on one of the vans or golf carts that shuttle staff and guests around the area. Most of the staff are very friendly and helpful.

7/03/19: Machine is in the General Store.

Against the back wall