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Fast Fanny's Place (Formerly Eagle's Nest Antiques) Machine Locations > Arizona

152 South Main Street
Oatman, AZ , 86433

Phone: (928) 768-7400


Oatman is a Ghost Town & Mining Camp. Fast Fanny's Place offers a unique assortment of hand-crafted items, all one-of-a-kind and made locally. In Oatman there are lots of free roaming Burros which are direct descendants from the Burros brought by the gold miners.

Caution! All of the routes into or out of Oatman are subject to flash flooding during rains. Take extreme care in traveling these roads if there is any sign of rain anywhere in the vicinity.

Hours of operation for the store are seven days a week from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Penny Passport books are for sale inside for $6.95.
Plenty of free parking in front of the stores or around town.

In a couple of the Gift Shops (New Digg'ns for one), you can buy a Pre Rolled penny with a Card telling you the history of Route 66 for 99 cents. The Penny shows the Historic Route 66 Shield.

Machine 2 The machine is located on the front porch of the store and is available 24 hours. designs all have 'Oatman Arizona':
1. (V) A gunslinger cowboy.
2. (H) Map of Route 66 across America and a Route 66 shield.
3. (H) Three burros with 'Wild Burros of Oatman'.
4. (H) A motorcycle.

Retired 1 designs all have 'Oatman Arizona': 1. (V) Shield with 'Historic Route 66' inside, 2. (H) A burro, 3. (H) A motorcycle, 4. (H) A prospector panning for gold.

G.P.S. coordinates: Latitude: N35° 1' 33.7794" Longitude: -W114° 22' 59.556"

3/13: Machine 2 arrived.

10/25/2017 - Machine is working fine. PAT

Machine 2 - (2013) On porch in front of store

Pre Pressed Route 66 Penny Card

Penny Passport book $6.95

Retired 1