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Arizona Science Center Machine Locations > Arizona

600 E. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ

Phone: 602-716-2000


This Museum is part of the Heritage Square/Heritage & Science Park complex along with Rosson House Museum and the Arizona Museum of History.

Park in the parking structure and visit all three places. Purchase something and get your parking ticket validated and one-hour will only cost you a dollar (within 1/2 an hour is free).

Machine 1 located outside gift shop. It is a single-die electric Eurolink.
1) Science symbols with "ARIZONA SCIENCE CENTER"

Machine 2 is on the 3rd floor as soon as you get off the elevator. It does not have a design but is an exhibit showing how it works. It presses the penny with just dots on the boarder. You'll have to pay admission ($10 for adults) to use it. It's free of charge, just supply your own penny.
The exhibit invites Museum-goers to insert their own penny, marvel over its pliability as it is squished, and take it home. Very cool, in my opinion, and also had lots of kids trying it out. Arizona is, after all, the copper state.
1) Pressed penny with just dots on the boarder, no design

GPS coordinate outside doors to Awesome Atom's: +33° 26' 55.68", -112° 3' 57.24"

4/13/2019 - Machine #1 still out in common area next to a concrete pole between the gift shop and cafe; do not need to pay admission to use. Presses great on new penny. Did not try Machine #2. If you need quarters or pennies, the cashier in the gift shop will make change. {bjj}

Machine 1 - Outside the gift shop

Machine 2 - "World Around You" Gallery on 3rd Floor