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On the Corner Machine Locations > Arizona

100 E Second St
Winslow , AZ , 86047

Phone: 928-289-3863

This machine is new. They just got it a year ago. 4 wicked awesome beautiful pressings. Machine was right on the corner on the sidewalk while open. Also, the store has some great items with many from local artisans. Great staff as well!

Designs are;
1) Route 66 symbol with 2 guitars flanking it, 1 on each side.
2) 'Route 66, Standing on the Corner, Winslow, AZ', Route 66 symbol with wings. Above the symbol is the saying and underneath the symbol is the City State.
3) 'Take is Easy' on top under that is the silhouette of the building on the corner of Route 66 with the Glen Frey statue, the flatbed Ford, and under that is the Route 66 symbol with standing on the Corner underneath it.
4) AZ license plate that says 'TAKE IT EZ'.

11/11/2018- Machine is working fine. PAT

Machine 1