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Maswik Lodge Store Machine Locations > Arizona

202 South Village Loop Drive
Grand Canyon National Park, AZ , 86023

(928) 638-26311/20/18: Please Note: Due to the pending schedule to remove the current Maswik South buildings and replace them with a new lodge complex, Maswik South will close November 1, 2018.

Maswik is named for a Hopi Kachina who is said to guard Grand Canyon.
The Maswik Lodge today is a 250-room lodging complex nestled within several acres of Ponderosa pine forest. It is located just a short walk or quarter-mile from the canyon’s edge. The complex consists of a main lodge building that houses the Registration Desk, Gift Shop, Maswik Food Court and Pizza Pub. The lodging units are two story buildings that are spread to the North and South of the Main Lodge Building.

Machine 1: 4 designs
1) 'Watchtower Grand Canyon', rock structure.,
2) 'Watchtower Grand Canyon' rock structure and area,
3) 'Grand Canyon National Park', Dancing Indian
4) 'Grand Canyon', area

Token Machine 1: 1 token

7/25/17 New machine is in the Maswik Lodge store, also a 1 token machine is there 1/6/2019 - Machine rolling pennies great and is in the middle of the store behind the token machine. The token has 4 designs. If you need quarters or pennies for the penny machine, the cashiers will make change for you. {bjj}

Machine 1

Token Machine 1