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Desert View General Store Market and Deli Machine Locations > Arizona

1 AZ-64, on the Eastern side of the south rim.
Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim, AZ , 86023


The Desert View Market & Deli. market sells souvenirs, including t-shirts, keychains, coffee mugs and groceries for camping, or road trip snacks and drinks. The deli offers healthy, made-to-order sandwiches along with pizza and breakfast items. Choose from breakfast burritos, salads, Native American tacos and more. Indoor and outdoor seating is available at this location.

Machine 1 designs are:
1) 'Grand Canyon', Donkey and Miner riding it, (H)
2) 'Grand Canyon National Park' , Kokopelli, (V)
3) 'Hopi House Grand Canyon' (H),
4) 'Grand Canyon', Image of Canyon. (H)

GPS coordinates: 36.042777, -111.825147

7/21/18: The Desert View General Store, also known as the "Desert View Market and Deli" as identified on Google Maps is on the Eastern side of the south rim.

Machine 1