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Ash Fork Route 66 Museum Machine Locations > Arizona

901 West Old Route 66
Ash Fork, AZ , 86320

Phone: (928) 637-0204


Route 66
The longest original, uninterrupted stretch of Route 66 still in existence, approximately 92 miles long, can be found between Ash Fork, Arizona, and Kingman, Arizona, beginning just beyond Ash Fork at Crookton Road. This stretch of the route runs parallel to the Santa Fe roadbed.
Part of what was once Route 66 still runs directly through Ash Fork, serving as a main thoroughfare now known as Park Avenue, along which the community's post office is located. A few historic buildings and some old railroad company houses can be seen along this road.

Designs are of:Ash Fork
1) Arizona, AZ state outline with Ash Fork Route US 66. They are:
2) Ash Fork Arizona, Santa Fe Railroad water tower,
3) Ash Fork Arizona, The Flagstone Capital with outline of museum with Route US 66,
4) Ash Fork Az, Get your Kicks with Corvette on Rt 66.

11/02/2017 - Following RT 66 and found this location. Pics to follow. PAT

Just inside Front Door to the left