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Tyson Wells R.V. Park & Market Centre Machine Locations > Arizona

121 West Kuehn Street
Quartzsite, AZ , 85346-0000

Phone: (928) 927-6365


Tyson Wells RV Park is located off Hwy 95 South, 1/4 mile south of Interstate 10. From Quartzsite take Hwy 95 South over bridge to 1st traffic signal, turn right into swap meet go to end of swap meet where the Tyson Wells RV Park gift shop is located.

During the winter season Tyson Wells Market Centre has much to offer with the seasonal selling market and has vendors selling tools, tarps, t-shirts, jerky products, women’s clothing, socks, hats, DVD movies, custom wooden signs, pet supplies, gold by the inch, vitamins, R.V. supplies, leather goods, jewelry, watches, bead supplies, novelty items, banners, metal signs, can food store, concealed carry permit classes, food vendors, and much more. The Tyson Wells Sell-A-Rama show is in late January and runs for 10 days. The Tyson Wells Art & Craft Fair takes place early February each year.

Hours of operation: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm October to March. Call ahead for very limited summer hours.
No entry fee required.
Plenty of free parking but you may have to walk a distance to get to the Centre as there can be up to 30,000 RV's,

The two penny machines are located inside the Market Centre. One machine was previously located at Quartzsite Chamber of Commerce.

Machine 1 designs all cost 50 cents to press:
1. (H) Road runner and two cacti with 'Quartzsite Arizona'.
2. (V) Saguaro cactus and a cow skull with 'Quartzsite Arizona'.
3. (H) Camel atop a pyramid with 'Hi Jolly Quartzsite AZ'.

Machine 2 designs all cost 50 cents to press:
1. (H) Bighorn sheep with 'K of A Wildlife Refuge Quartzsite AZ'.
2. (H) Sun rising behind a road runner and saguaro cactus with 'Arizona'.
3. (H) RV park logo with 'Tyson Wells Quartzsite, AZ'.
4. (H) Skeleton sitting against a cacti under a scorching sun with 'Arizona It's A Dry Heat'.

G.P.S. coordinates: Latitude: N33° 39' 36.1398" Longitude: W114° 13' 13.1088"

05/05/2018 both machines working great. Store will make change if needed. Still have books for sale.

Machine 1 - By cash register

Machine 2 - Inside by front door

PennyCollector Arizona book $495 plus tax

PennyCollector 20 coin book 4th edition $3.00 plus tax

Penny Passport book $4.25 plus tax