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Williams Vistor Center Machine Locations > Arizona

200 W Railroad Ave
Williams, AZ , 86046

Phone: (928) 635-4061


There is a new 4 Penny machine located next to the door in the Williams Visitor Center on the corner of Grand Canyon Blvd. and Railroad Ave, just across the tracks from the Grand Canyon Railway in the heart of Williams, Arizona.

Designs are:
1) Black Bear - Ursus Americanus
2) Historic Route 66 with the Williams trademarked "Cruise the Loop" logo.
3) The 1901 Santa Fe Freight Depot (which is the historic building with now houses the Williams Visitor Center).
4) The famous Williams Gateway to Grand Canyon Arch and the original Grand Canyon Railway Steam Locomotive 9301. (Williams, Arizona is known as the Gateway to Grand Canyon).

They have two Collector Tokens
1) Grand Canyon National Park Coin with South Rim on one side and North Rim on the other.
2) Smokey Bear Coin with Smokie on one side and the other has "Only you can prevent Wildfires".

6/17: Token scans added. GSY

5/2/19 - pressed well on coppers. PK TEC #4913

Machine 1

2 Tokens: Smokies The Bear and Grand Canyon National Park