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Colors of the West Machine Locations > Arizona

201 West Route 66
Williams, AZ , 86046

Phone: 928-635-9559

The store is at the corner of Route 66 and 2nd Street. You can't miss it, they have an animated character outside waving and talking!

Les, Spoke with staff today at Colors of the West. The 3-design machine is NOT retired; it is in its usual place just inside the store entrance. There is a second penny machine here as well.

Machine 2: Near the store entrance you will find a three-penny machine. With the following:
1) Crusin' Route 66 Shield
2) Williams Arizona Gateway to the Grand Canyon
3) The Grand Canyon, America's Natural Wonder.

Machine 3: Rear has Co name and phone number on it. Designs are:
1) 'Grand Canyon South Rim', image,
2) Chicago to LA Route 66', Sign,
3) 'Don't Tread on Me', coiled snake,
4) 'United States of America', US Flag.

Moved 1: 1) 'Get Your Kicks on Route 66', 2) 'Great Seguro Cactus', 3) 'Historic Route 66', 4) Grand Canyon Arizona'.

The store also sells the Arizona Collector album 1st edition, which includes a rolled coin on the the face of the album.

Moved 1 moved to Copper Canyon Trading (Was Coyote Kid Trading Co).

10/30/2018 - Machines working fine. PAT

Machine 2

Machine 3

Moved 1 - moved to Copper Canyon Trading (Was Coyote Kid Trading Co)