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Rainforest Cafe @ Arizona Mills Mall Machine Locations > Arizona

5000 S. Arizona Mills Circle #573
Tempe, AZ , 85282

Phone: 480-752-9100


Arizona Mills is an Indoor Outlet Mall in Tempe, Arizona. It opened on November 20, 1997 with 6,000 parking spaces and approximately 200 Retailers. It is currently anchored by Outlet Versions of Saks Fifth Avenue, JCPenney, Sears Appliance, Neiman Marcus, and Burlington Coat Factory. The Mall is located on the Southeast Corner of US 60 and I - 10. These Machines are in the Rainforest Cafe.

Machine 1: inside the gift shop. All read "RAINFOREST CAFE ARIZONA":
1) Parrot.
2) Frog.
3) Gorilla.
4) Frog.

Machine 2: outside the gift shop next to a photo booth. All read "RAINFOREST CAFE":
1) Frog - Laying Down.
2) Crocodile Head with an Open Mouth.
3) Snake in a Tree.
4) Gorilla.

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. 4/27/19 - I rolled on coppers. Machine 2 has some lost beading on the ends.similar to pictures. Machine 2 pressed well. PK. TEC #4913

Machine 1 - in the gift shop

Machine 2 - outside the gift shop next to a photo booth

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