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Bird Cage Theatre Machine Locations > Arizona

535 East Allen Street
Tombstone, AZ , 85638-0000

Phone: (520) 457-3421


The Bird Cage Theatre was a combination theater, saloon, gambling parlor and brothel that operated from 1881 to 1889 in Tombstone, Arizona, during the height of the silver boom.The Bird Cage Theater operated continuously – twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. It gained a reputation as one of the wildest places in the country.. More than 120 bullet holes are evident throughout the building.
The basement poker room is said to be the site of the longest-running poker game in history. Played continuously twenty-four hours a day for eight years, five months, and three days, legend has it that as much as $10,000,000 changed hands during the marathon game, with the house retaining 10 percent.
The theater is currently a museum. Ghost tours are available.

Hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm daily. Museum tours are $10.00. You do not have to pay admission to access the penny machine.
There is no parking on Allen Street. Plenty of free parking around Tombstone.

The penny machine is located on the ground floor in the gift shop to the right: Designs are:
1. (H) 'Birdcage Theatre Good For One Drink Or Cigar Tombstone, AT'.
2. (V) Image of Doc Holliday with 'Birdcage Theater Doc Holiday Tombstone AZ'.
3. (V) Image of Wyatt Earp with 'Birdcage Theater Wyatt Earp Tombstone AZ'.
4. (H) Image of the Birdcage Theatre with 'Birdcage Theatre Tombstone AZ'.

G.P.S. coordinates: Latitude: N31° 42' 42.8436" Longitude: W110° 3' 55.0974"

4/26/19 - Working well on coppers. PK. TEC #4913

In the gift shop