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Wild West Junction Machine Locations > Arizona

321 E. Route 66
Williams, AZ , 86046

Phone: (928) 635-4512


The Old West comes to life at the Wild West Junction, with special events, historical re-enactments, great food and good, wholesome, old time fun for young and old alike.
The Wild West Junction offers a variety of services. The Branding Iron Restaurant serves breakfast and dinner daily and can be reserved for special events. Enjoy your favorite cold beverage at the Iron Horse Saloon. Stay in one of our five, themed guest rooms at Drover’s Inn Bed & Breakfast where every room is decorated in the greatest detail to enhance your stay… “It’s like sleeping in a movie set!”

The Wild West Junction has a 3 penny machine. Designs are:
1. The words "Wild West" curved on top of penny, A gun in middle facing right, under gun it says Williams AZ., under that the word Junction
2. The words "Wild West" curved on top of penny, under that a star then the word "Junction" then another star, under that Williams, Arizona.
3. The words "Historic RT.", then a big star 66 big star, then under that Williams, AZ

Machine is outside and the casing is very worn. If you line up the images on the handle, your designs will come out short. With some trial and error you can get properly rolled pennies.

12-10-17 We stopped at night after they were closed. Machine is still outside so you can use it anytime. Keith

Machine 1