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Legoland Discovery Center Machine Locations > Arizona

5000 S. AZ Mills Center #135
Tempe, AZ

Phone: 8775263860

The Machine is by the exit of the exhibit but if you ask nicely, the staff will escort you over to it and let you press without having to pay the entrance fee. The designs are a knight, a football (American) player, a lady with a microphone (reporter/singer) and a stunt guy/Race Car Driver.

Machine 1:
1) Lego Knight,
2) Lego Disc Jokey,
3) Lego Race Car Driver,
4) Lego Football Player

There is a token machine here as well, 3 for $10 or $5 each.

5/16: A Pennyman 4 design machine was added here. GSY

4/26/16: There is a token machine as well, 3 for $10 or $5 each. If you don't want to go through the exhibit go into the gift shop all the way to the back and turn right. It looks like you are trying to go in the exit of the exhibit but both machines are right there. We were there today and got these awesome pennies and tokens.

Machine 1

Token Machine 1