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Old Tucson Studios Machine Locations > Arizona

201 S. Kinney Road
Tucson, AZ , 85735

Phone: (520) 883-0100


There are 2 single-coin machines and a four design Pennyman hand crank machine located in the gift shops, one in the entrance gift shop, one in McClintock gift shop inside park and Machine 5 in a gift shop. Will usually allow you 15 minutes access to press pennies.

Machines 1 and 2 are Retired.

Machine 3: in the park. Design is:
1) Headshot of cowboy with hat "OLD TUCSON STUDIOS"

Machine 4: in the park. Designs is:
1) Photo stagecoach "OLD TUCSON STUDIOS"

Machine 5 (2016) in a gift shop outside of the park. Ddesigns are:
1) Stagecoach,
2) Crossed revolvers with badge under,
3) Horse standing on back legs with rider waiving hat,
4) 'Reno', Steam engine and tender.

12/16: New Pennyman Machine 5 added here.

4/26/19 - Machine 5 pressed well on coppers. It is in a gift shop outside of the park. Machines 3 and 4 are in the park.
I asked and they were going to let me in just to press pennies but, it was SO horribly hot and it would have been a long walk to the opposite end of the park. I thanked them but left without those two. PK. TEC #4913.

Machine 3

Machine 4

Machine 5 - 2016

Retired 1 & 2