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Wikieup Trading Post Machine Locations > Arizona

18040 South Highway 93
Wikieup, AZ , 85360-0000

Phone: (928) 765-2302


Located directly off Highway 93, 58 miles south of Kingman and 77 miles north of Wickenburg, the Wikieup Trading Post has convenience items, a restaurant a very quirky gift shop, as well as a small motel. They are a great stop to get gas on the way to Las Vegas or Phoenix. For a unique taste, try the rattlesnake.

Hours of operation: Daily 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, Friday 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. The penny machine is not accessible after hours. Plenty of free parking. A penny book is for sale in the convenience storre for $5.99 plus tax.
Plenty of free parking.

The penny machine is located directly inside and facing the front entrance as you walk through the main doors next to an ATM. Designs are:
1. (V) Rattlesnake and cow skull next to a Saguaro Cactus with 'Trading Post Arizona'.
2. (H) Roadrunner running by Saguaro Cactus with 'Welcome to , AZ'.
3. (H) Arizona star with 'AZ'.
4. (H) A coiled Rattlesnake hissing and ready to strike with 'Arizona'.

Machine added April 2016.

G.P.S. coordinates: Latitude: N34° 42' 15.6852" Longitude: W113° 36' 39.2112"

March 20, 2019. Position the penny image to press below the arrow and all four will press slightly off center good images with slight tails; see scans below. MWHTH

Inside and facing the front entrance as you walk through the main doors next to an ATM

Penny book $5.99 plus tax