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Reid Park Zoo Machine Locations > Arizona

1100 South Randolph Way
Tucson, AZ , 85716

Phone: 520-881-4753

The Reid Park Zoo, founded in 1967, is a 17-acre city-owned and operated non-profit zoo. The zoo features more than 500 animals and consists of four zones that are organized by the types of habitats and animals they house. The Adaptation Zone houses animals such as the Polar Bear and Aldabra Giant Tortoise, the South American Animals zone houses animals such as the Jaguar and Spectacled Bear, the Asian Animals zone features animals such as the Tiger and Malayan Sun Bear, and the African Animals zone features animals such as the Lion and Giraffe. It includes a large aviary named "Flight Connection" which hosts dozens of species of birds from Australia, Africa, and Asia.

Machine 4 by gift shop. Designs are:
1) Cougar,
2) Giraffe sitting head on left,
3) Lion,
4) Otter.

Machine 5 across from Gibbon cage. Designs are:
1) Anteater (Zoo Logo),
2) Elephant,
3) Polar Bear,
4) Tiger

Machine 6 - At entrance to Gift Shop. Designs are:
1) Alligator,
2) Monkey,
3) Peacock,
4) Rhino

Token machine 1, outside the gift shop near one of the penny machine. (The tokens cost $5 each or 4 for $15. The machine accepts dollars or credit cards). The 4 tokens are::
1) Lion,
2) Tiger,
3) Giraffe,
4) Elephant.

Retired 1 - 1) Zoo Logo (anteater), 2) Tiger pacing, 3) Elephant facing diagonal, running, 4) Polar Bear on all fours head up.
Retired 2 - 1) Giraffe head and neck, 2) Peacock, 3) Elephant, 4) Tiger
Retired 3 - 1) Giraffe sitting head on right, 2) Monkey, 3) Cockatoo, 4) Lion

6/17: Machines 4 and 5 have new encasement's but the designs are the same. GSY

12/26/2017- machines working fine. New locations. M5- by gift shop, M6- across from Gibbon cage, M4- next to Giraffe house. PAT

Machine 5 - by gift shop

Machine 6 - across from Gibbon cage

Machine 4 - next to Giraffe house

Token Machine 1 - Outside the Gift Shop

Retired 1, 2 & 3