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Colossal Cave Mountain Park Machine Locations > Arizona

16721 E. Old Spanish Trail
Vail, AZ , 85641

Phone: 520-647-PARK


This 2,400-acre park showcases crystal-filled Colossal Cave and the historic La Posta Quemada Ranch. Experience cave tours, western trail rides, camping, and picnicking.

Machine 3: (2018) All have 'Colossal Cave' on them. $.51 Cents each, your penny. Designs are:
1) Man climbing inside cave with stalagmites & Stalactites,
2) Cave area with windmill, cactus and horse riders,
3) Ring Tail Lemur,
4) Bats flying over stalagmites.

Retired designs and machines:

Retired 1 all have 'Colossal Cave Mountain Park Tucson AZ': 1) Cave round logo, 2) Cave man and woman, 3) Bag of money, 4) Bat
Retired 2: Pressed dime with Colossal Cave Mountain Park' logo of bat. Reverse side 'Tuscon Arizona'

1/03/19: New Pennyman 4 design hand crank machine installed here.

Machine 3

Retired 1

Retired 2 - Dime machine (front & Back)