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Bearizona Wild Life Park Machine Locations > Arizona

1500 Historic Route 66
Williams, AZ , 86046


Bearizona Drive-Thru Wildlife Park is an animal sanctuary in the amazing Ponderosa pine forests of northern Arizona, just 60 miles from Grand Canyon National Park. Bearizona is the only park of its kind in the southwest United States.
In the comfort of your own vehicle, drive through Bearizona to see North American animals in a wilderness environment. Catch views of Rocky Mountain Goats, American Burros (a type of Donkey), majestic Brown Bison weighing up to 2,000 pounds, Big Horn Sheep, Dall Sheep (native to Alaska and Canada), stealthy Alaskan Tundra and Arctic Wolves, majestic White Bison and, of course, the gorgeous Black Bears. The drive-thru portion of the park is approximately 3 miles long, takes approximately 45 minutes and includes the use of a GPS device that will guide you through the route.

After your drive, get out of your car and visit Fort Bearizona, a walk-through area where you can stroll along the winding paths and watch the antics of the park’s baby animals and smaller species. Fort Bearizona is also home to the amazing High Country Raptors free-flight show, where you’ll learn about birds of prey and see them fly directly over you!

The machine is located in the newly built gift shop close to the entrance of the Wild Life Park. Designs are:
1) Image of the entrance to Bearizona
2) A Bear
3) A Wolf
4) A River Otter

12-13-17 At the gate we were told we had to pay admission to get to the gift shop. (We were in a hurry. Maybe next trip)

Machine 1