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Grand Canyon Railway RV Park Machine Locations > Arizona

601 W. Franklin Avenue
Williams, AZ , 86046

Phone: 1-800-843-8724


The Grand Canyon Railway RV Park is easy to get to from Interstate 40 as you enter Williams. Simply get off Interstate 40 at Exit 163. Go south on Grand Canyon Blvd. about 1/2 mile. Go west (right) on Franklin Ave. (You’ll drive by the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel.) Look to make a left turn at the convenience store, which also serves as the RV Park check-in. The convenience store sits at the corner of Franklin Ave. & 7th Ave.

The machine is conveniently located in the foyer of the office and the friendly staff will be happy to help. These are Jim Dundon designs on this machine, which was recently moved from the Grand Canyon Railway Depot.

Designs are:
1. (H) 'Grand Canyon National Park Est. 1919', Grand Canyon,
2. (V) 'Grand Canyon Rattlesnake Crotalus Abyssus', A coiled Grand Canyon pink rattlesnake,
3. (V) 'Arizona Route 66 The Mother Road Williams'.U.S. Highway road sign.
4. (H) 'Grand Canyon Railway & Resort', Logo showing the first Grand Canyon Railway Steam Locomotive # 4960 emerging from the canyon with . (This design is an obsolete copy of the Original Grand Canyon Railroad logo and is quite a collector's item)

12-10-17 Machine working fine. Keith

Machine 1