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Valle Travel Stop Machine Locations > Arizona

317 South AZ-64
Valle (Williams) , AZ , 86046

Phone: 1-928-635-2008


The Valle Travel Stop and Grand Canyon Inn is operated as a tourist services center, gift shop, Native American art gallery, lodge and restaurant located in Arizona half way between Williams and Tusayan at the junction of Arizona 64 and US 180, just 23 miles south of the Grand Canyon National Park entrance. No Google map service in the area so look for Bedrock City (can't miss it). Travel Stop is across the road.

Both machine are side by side to the right as you enter.

Machine 1 is located just inside the front door. Hand crank. Designs are:
1) Route 66 sign and "Arizona",
2) "57 Chevy Valley Travel Stop" with car,
3) "Grand Canyon Arizona" with Grand Canyon,
4) "Grand Canyon" and Kokopelli

Machine 2: Pappy machine, automated and to the left of machine 1:
1) "Valle Travel Stop, Arizona" with hot rod.
2) "Grand Canyon, Arizona" with elk
3) "Grand Canyon, National Park, Natural wonder of the world" with Grand Canyon,
4) "Grand Canyon, Historic US 66 Route" and Route 66 sign

11/01/2018- Both Machines working fine. PAT

Machine 1

Machine 2