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Butterfly Wonderland Machine Locations > Arizona

9500 E. Via DE Ventura
Scottsdale, AZ , 85256

Phone: 480-800-3000


Machines are outside and to the right of the gift shop, just before the desk to check tickets for entry. You do not have to purchase entry to access, but it's a cool place to visit.

Machine 1 (2017) is outside, alongside the building between the other attractions. Designs are:
1) Toad
2) Scorpion
3) Iguana
4) Turtle with Butterflies over it

Token machine 1: is by the door to the gift shop before the desk that checks entrance tickets. 4 Token designs, all of which have 'Odyssea Aquarium', Seahorse Logo on back. Cost is 3 for $10 or each one is $5. Token Designs are:
1) Sharks
2) Butterflies
3) Honey Bees
4) Stingrays

Retired 2 (2017): 1) Bumble Bee, 2) Butterfly, 3) Sting Ray, 4) Odysea Aquarium Logo.

1/17: Art of penny machine added. GSY

3/17: Two machine here.

6/28/19 Token Machine is inside Butterfly Wonderland. Cost is 3 for $10 or each one is $5.
Machine 1 is located outside between the Butterfly Wonderland and the Mirror Maze. Pressing well.
Machine 2 has been retired. Confirmed with an employee of both Butterfly Wonderland and the Mirror Maze. Checked the stores and courtyard shopping area and it was not located to a different spot. LAA TEC#5047

Machine 1

Token Machine

Retired 2