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Butterfly Wonderland Machine Locations > Arizona

9500 E. Via DE Ventura
Scottsdale, AZ , 85256

Phone: 480-800-3000


Machines are outside and to the right of the gift shop. You do not have to purchase entry to access, but it's a cool place to visit.

Machine 1 sits right next to the token machine. Designs are:
1) Toad
2) Scorpion
3) Iguana
4) Turtle with Butterfly's over it

Machine 2 (2017) is near Machine 1:
1) Bumble Bee,
2) Butterfly,
3) Sting Ray,
4) Odysea Aquarium Logo.

There are 4 Token designs, all have 'Odyssea Aquarium', Seahorse Logo on back. Token Designs are:
1) Sharks
2) Butterflies
3) Honey Bees
4) Stingrays

1/17: Art of penny machine added. GSY

3/17: Two machine here.

2/20/2018- Machine #2 is now next to the Odyssey Mirror Maze machine. I dont know what Machine is in the cafe here. PAT

Machine 1

Machine 2 (2017) - next to the Odyssey Mirror Maze machine

Token machine 1