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Madame Mustache Machine Locations > Arizona

455 East Allen Street
Tombstone, AZ , 85638-0000

Phone: (520) 457-3815


Madame Moustache was the stage name of Eleanor Dumont (also called Eleonore Alphonsine Dumant), a notorious gambler on the American western frontier, especially during the California Gold Rush. For over three decades she made her name famous across the mining camps of the American West.
The store that bears her name is now a gift store that provides "Old Thyme Photos", costume rental, western gifts, T-shirts, hats, jewelry, Ice cream and more.

The penny machine is just inside the front door to the left. The store hours vary so it's best to call ahead. Plenty of free parking around Tombstone. Designs are::
1. (V) R.I.P. headstone in a cactus filled desert and the sun overhead with 'Tombstone Arizona'.
2. (H) Four gunslingers walking shoulder to shoulder, two have rifles raised, with 'Tombstone Arizona'.
3. (H) Two crossed Colt .45 pistols with 'Greetings from Tombstone, AZ'.
4. (H) Four gunslingers walking, one has a rifle pointing ahead, with Tombstone Arizona'.

G.P.S. coordinates: Latitude: N31° 42' 44.8518" Longitude: W110° 4' 0.303"

4/29/19 Worked well on coppers. PK. TEC#4913

Inside front door to the left

Penny Book - $4.99