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Arizona Last Stop Machine Locations > Arizona

20606 North U.S. Highway 93
White Hills, AZ , 86445-9593

Phone: (928) 767-4911


Arizona Last Stop is located on the east side of U.S. Highway 93 between Kingman, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada. You will find it at mile marker 27 and is literally your ‘Last Stop’ for food, gas, and supplies as you head north towards the Hoover Dam and Nevada. Coming in the other direction they are your first stop for both Arizona Lottery and Grand Canyon West tickets. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and have a full service bar.

Hours of operation are 6:30 am to 8:00 pm.
Plenty of free parking.
The Penny Pocket Book souvenir penny album is on sale in the gift shop for $5.99.

These are the same exact designs as the Hoover Dam High Scaler gift shop.

The machine is in the entry lobby before the restaurant and gift shop. Designs are:
1. (H) The 'Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada' sign.
2. (V) A big horned sheep with 'Big Horn Sheep Nevada State Animal'.
3. (V) Winged figure with 'Winged Figure Hoover Dam'.
4. (H) Image of the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial bridge over Hoover dam with 'Hoover Dam'.

G.P.S. coordinates: Latitude: 35° 43' 22.512" Longitude: -114° 29' 10.6614"

4/24/19 - pressed a bit short on coppers. Some beading missing as well as the base on the winged figure. PK. TEC # 4913

In entry lobby

Penny Book $5.99