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Queen Mine Tour Machine Locations > Arizona

478 Dart Road
Bisbee, AZ , 85603

Phone: 520/432-3554


No admission need be paid. But! The old Queen Mine was a **copper** mine and the $13 admission is well worth the price. Hi Ho Copper!

The 4-die hand-cranked machine is just inside the entrance door.

Designs are:
1) 'In Copper we Trust, Bisbee, Arizona', Mule carrying pack,
2) 'Queen Mine, Have a Blast', stick of dynamite
3) 'Queen Mine Tours, Bisbee, Arizona', crossed pick and shovel,
4) 'Queen Mine Tours, Bisbee, Arizona', Logo,

10/4/18 Above info is correct. Printed as promised. No problems.

Machine 1