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Arizona - Sonora Desert Museum Machine Locations > Arizona

2021 North Kinney Road
Tucson, AZ , 85743


The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is a 98-acre Museum and Zoo founded in 1952 and located in Tucson, Arizona. It contains a Museum and two miles of walking paths on 21 acres of this property, and is one of the most visited attractions in Tucson. The facility combines the attractions of a Zoo, Museum, and Botanical Garden, with a focus is the plants and animals that live in the Sonoran Desert, and it was a pioneer in the creation of naturalistic enclosures for its animals.

The Museum closes at 5:00pm and no admissions are allowed after 4:15. Check their website to make sure this hasn't changed.

All have 'Arizona - Sonora Desert Museum' on them. The machine is next to the restrooms at the entrance. Designs are:
1) 'Gila Monster', Walking up, cactus over Museum name
2) 'Hummingbird', hovering at flowers
3) 'Mountain Lion', sitting,
4) 'Rattlesnake'. coiled facing right tail up,

10/12: A new Penny man 4 design hand crank machine.

4/26/19. Pressed well on coppers. PK. TEC #4913 6-14-19 Machine is broken as of this morning.

Machine 1