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RP's Stage Stop Machine Locations > Arizona

400 Highway 64
Tusayan, AZ , 86023

Phone: (928) 638-3115


RP's Stage Stop Internet Cafe is a one stop destination during your visit to Grand Canyon. We offer Espresso/Coffee, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Menu's to your liking. We provide Wifi and have internet service. We sell souvenir gifts, clothing and the finest Southwestern and Native American Jewely available.

The machine is located just inside RP's Stage Stop and Internet Cafe in Tusayan, just south of the IMAX and just north of the Tusayan Wendy's. The machine features four Paul Conner designs:
1) 'Grand Canyon Stage Line', commemorating the line that ran from Flagstaff to Grand Canyon in the years before the Grand Canyon Railway
2) 'Morning Kachina Grand Canyon, AZ', ', who woke people for the Bean Dance at the beginning of the Ceremonial Cycle
3) 'Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon, AZ',
4) 'Grand Canyon Arizona', Kokopelli, the hump-back flute player.

10/31/2018- Machine working fine. PAT

6/24/19: Moved where????

Machine 1