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Location [Legend]CityDesignsImagesUpdated
3 1/2 mi. N. on NE Hwy 87
Alliance4p 10/13/15
Knight Museum and Sandhills Center
908 Yellowstone Avenue, PO Box D
Alliance4m 4p 07/25/17
Strategic Air & Space Museum
28210 West Park Highway
Ashland9p 10/01/18
Edgerton Explorit Center
208 16th Street
Aurora4p 06/22/18
Pony Express Station Museum
15th & Lake Avenue (Ehmen Park)
Gothenburg3p 03/22/18
Vala's Pumpkin Patch, Calamity Jan’s Mining Supplies gift shop
12102 South 180th Street
Gretna4p 10/23/18
Hastings Museum of Natural and Cultural History
1330 North Burlington Avenue
Hastings3p 09/25/18
81 Express Travel Plaza
3600 Highway 30 E
Kearney1p 09/25/18
Great Platte River Road Archway Monument
3060 E 1st St.
Kearney3p 09/25/18
12703 Westport Parkway
La Vista2p 2t 06/25/17
Lincoln Children's Museum
1420 P Street
Lincoln3p 05/15/19
Lincoln Children's Zoo (Was Folsom Children’s Zoo & Botanical Gardens)
1222 South 27th Street
University of Nebraska State Museum
645 N 14th St
Lincoln5p 05/15/19
Pioneer Village
138 East Highway 6
Minden1p 07/25/17
Fort Cody Trading Post
At Junction of I-80 and US 83
North Platte4p 1t 07/27/17
Golden Spike Tower and Visitor's Center
1249 N. Homestead Rd
North Platte4p 09/26/18
Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park
86930 517 Ave
O'Neil 4p 11/19/17
Children's Museum of Omaha
500 South 20th Street
Durham Western Heritage Museum
801 South 10th Street
Henry Doorly Zoo
3701 S 10th Street
Omaha18p 4t 05/03/19
Ashfall Fossil Beds
86930 517th Ave.
Royal4p 09/19/15
115 Cabela Drive
Sidney1p 09/26/18
Spee-dee Mart
101 W Hwy 20
Valentine4p 08/12/18
Peony Park
1620 County Road "L"