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Yorkshire Air Museum Machine Locations > England

Elvington, York
NORTH YORKSHIRE - York, England, YO41 4AU

Phone: 01904 608595


The Yorkshire Air Museum is the largest independent air museum in Britain and is also the location of The Allied Air Forces Memorial. Situated in a 20 acre parkland on the former World War II RAF Bomber Command Station at Elvington near the City of York, it is the largest and most original WWII station open to the public. It was also the only base used by the French heavy bomber squadrons during the war and today includes award winning gardens, a large NAAFI style restaurant and shop, plus over 15 top class exhibitions, a large range of military vehicles and 50 historic aircraft, many of which are in working order.

There is a 4 die Penny Press machine located in the NAFFI cafe. Each penny has a dotted border and Yorkshire Air Museum.

The designs are:
1) ...Yorkshire Rose and Aircraft (Allied Forces Memorial - Text)
2) ...Spitfire
3) ...Dakota
4) ...Halifax

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

Location updated. Unless you can talk your way in you will have to pay the admission fee. (Nov 2015 - I.T.Hope)

Machine 1