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Twycross Zoo (East Midland Zoological Society) Machine Locations > England

Burton Road
WARWICKSHIRE - Atherstone, England, CV9 3PX

Phone: 0844 474 1777


Twycross Zoo was opened in 1954, having evolved from a comparatively small collection to become one of Britain's major Zoos. Our two founding ladies, Miss Molly Badham and Miss Nathalie Evans, were rival pet shops owners in Sutton Coldfield before they joined forces and moved to Hints Zoological Society near Tamworth in 1949. Hints comprised of ¾ of an acre of land and a bungalow.
These premises soon became too small with the growing collection of animals, including chimps. Within 4 years the ladies had no choice but to move to alternative premises. In the summer of 1962 the ladies and the collection of animals moved to Twycross.
After a very hard winter building enclosures and renovating the house the Zoo opened its doors to the public on Whitsun Bank Holiday, May 26th, 1963. Funding for many of the buildings came from the many adverts produced for PG Tips.

The entrance/Cafe and shop area have recently undergone a massive modernisation.

Two new Souvenir Pennies machines are now on site. Each machine is a five die machine, each design costing £1 to roll.

Machine 2: Lorikeet Feeding Area. (Dotted border with 'Twycross Zoo' text) -
1) Elephant.
2) Giraffe.
3) Two Lorikeets.
4) Penguin.
5) Zebra.

Machine 3: Gift Shop. (Dotted border with 'Twycross Zoo' text) -
1) Chimpanzee.
2) Gorilla.
3) Snow Leopard.
4) Orangutan.
5) Leopard.

Machine 4: 2017, in Gibbon Forest. Situated in wooden viewing area the machine has 5 designs.
1) Flamingo,
2) Butterfly,
3) Swinging Ape,
4) Ape in Tree
5) Nyala

Retired 1 Designs were: 1) Child imgage of Chimp face (I'm a Cheeky Chimp- Text), 2) Snow Lepoard (Himalaya - text), 3) Ceremonial Elephant (Uda Walawe -text), 4) Ape (World Primate Centre)

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

August 2017 - New machine in Gibbon Forest. Situated in wooden viewing area the machine has 5 designs. Flamingo, Butterfly, Swinging Ape, Ape in Tree and Nyala. Machine is hard work but presses well. WK

Machine 2 - Lorikeets

Machine 3 - Gift Shop

Machine 4

Retired 1