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Dudley Zoo Machine Locations > England

Castle Hill
WEST MIDLANDS - Dudley, England, DY1 4QF


This Zoo was opened in 1938 and houses the best collection of 1930s Modenist buildings designed by Russian architect Bernhold Lubetkin and his firm Tecton. There are 12 of his remaining buildings at the Zoo including animal enclousures and cafes and kiosks. It is built around the remains of the medieaval castle and the castle is part of the atrraction. The Zoo features walk throughs of the animal enclosures, so you can get up close to them, but of course, not to touch!

There is now a four-die GEM Series penny machine. in the Safari Gift Shop. You cannot miss it as it is right in front of you when you first go in to buy your tickets. Each penny costs a £1 to roll, the penny is supplied from a hopper, not all are shiny examples.

Each penny has a solid ring border and DZG in text, Designs:
1) Tiger head
2) Giraffe
3) Ring Tailed Lemur
4) Lion

Retired designs are:
1) The Castle
2) Tiger
3) Meerkat
4) Lemur.

Machine details uploaded by David Miller,

2/24/16: New penny machine added here.

6/28/18: ?????

Gift Shop

Retired 1

Retired 2