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Conkers Machine Locations > England

Rawden Road
DERBYSHIRE - Ashby De La Zouch, England, DE12 6GA

Phone: 01283 216633


2/13/17: Gone

CONKERS, the award winning attraction at The Heart of the National Forest, a unique mix of indoor and outdoor experiences. It is in Moira, near Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Derbyshire, Midlands.

Indoors there are four Discovery Zones designed for children and adults of all ages, which also includes the Enchanted Forest Adventure Play area, a simulated Tree Top Walk with a moving bridge through the skies.

Designs were:
1. h...Butterfly (Conkers) ...
2. h...Squirrel (Conkers, The National Forest) ....
3. h...Frog (Conkers) ....
4. h...Fox (Conkers) ....

This attraction is only a few miles away from Snibsons, which also has a 4-die Penny Press machine.

Location updated David Miller,

Machine 1