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Chestnut Otter, Owl & Wildlife Centre Machine Locations > England

Castleton Road
DERBYSHIRE - Chapel-en-le-Firth, England, SK23 0QS

Phone: 01298 814099


The Conservation and Wildlife Park is located in scenic Peak District National Park of Derbyshire in 50 acres of landscaped grounds. It is home, not only to a unique collection of birds and animals, but to many wild birds and mammals.
As you walk about the Wildlife Park you'll see some of Europe's largest gathering of Otters, 16 species of Owls and other indigenous wildlife all in their natural surroundings including, Buzzards, Pine Martens, Polecats, Foxes, Scottish Wildcats and Deer.
Our Giant Otters Manoki (male) and Panambi (female) with their two teenage boy cubs Akuri and Simnui are a delight to all who see them. We also have two additional cubs - one boy and one girl born in March 2011. Indigenous to South America they cope well with our climate even swimming in their large natural pool in the Derbyshire snow. Giant Otters are an endangered species. Native to South America and are very rare in captivity.

Single die electric machine in the cafe/gift shop before you enter the Park. Requires 50p and a penny.

Note: On busy days, parking is very limited.

2/08/17: Here

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