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Crealy Great Adventure Park Machine Locations > England

Sidmouth Road
DEVON - Exeter, England, EX51DR

Phone: 01395 233200 ?


Crealy is a themepark located in Exeter, Devon. It is just off the M5. There are six realms here, each designed to maximize fun and excitement. The Action Realm concentrates on bumper boats, go-carts and the river challenge, while the Magic Realm delights children with its Sahara sand-play, Prince's Train, and Magical Kingdom. Animals wait to meet their fans in the Animal Realm and the Natural Realm brings you tranquility - perfect for parents who long for a few minutes of relaxation, with the Riverbank Trail, Prairie Train and lush meadows. Once you are rested, tackle the Adventure and Farming zones. Eaters will enjoy the Corn Exchange Picnic Barn and new Universe Restaurant.

There is now a 4 die machine from PennyPressProfits located in this theme park, quite probably in the gift shop

The machine takes £1 for a design, each design has the solid ring border, usual on all PPP designs, and Devon Crealy in text. Design details:
1) ... Devon Crealy Logo ...
2) ... Crealy Bear ...
3) ... Horse's Head ...
4) ... Skull and Crossed swords ...

Machine details uploaded David Miller,

Machine 1